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Zendikar Art Spoiler 1

Today on Magic Arcana some amazing news and stunning Zenkidar art spoilers for this upcoming Magic the Gathering set.

Apparently, within Zendikar Booster Packs (from Booster Display boxes and Fatpacks), one may expect to pull full art basic lands ! If one were to get just a Zendikar Intro Pack however, expect to pull the traditional half-art basic land card - which in my opinion is still very kewl.

Watch your keyboard for drool as you check out these Zendikar Plains by Jung Park and Vincent Proce.

. . .
. .

O.M.G. ! These are just phreak'n awesome !

The Obelisk field (first Plains art shown) shows your vantage with an obelisk in the very near foreground which is adorned in runes. Although most of the floating obelisks are doing just that (floating), we can see some action in the background as some obelisks are crashing into the landscape.

The second Plains art shows what appears to be a small city built within an obelisk which has come to rest along it's lateral line. Who lives within this settlement ? Why do they live there ? Do they have cable TV ? So many questions . . .


Wizards promises to follow-up tomorrow with two full art textless Zendikar Islands. I will anticipate that singles market retailer may sell these Zendikar textless lands for up to a $1 and foil textless lands for up to $3 (U.S.) so grab 'em while you can.


Xian said...

OMG!!! I'm in love!!! I need foilly textless plains!!! I must say these are beautiful... i will be looking for full sets of all of these, good job Wizards, just claim what little money i have left :)

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

I'll be glad to get 40 of these awesome lands in a fat pack instead of the usual lands that never get used. The art on these is just awesome, and the layout is very well done.

WOTC showed 2 islands this morning on the main website. Again, these are just jaw dropping.