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Zendikar Art Spoiler 2

As promised by Wizards in yesterday's Arcana, Magic the Gathering fans are treated yet again to some Zendikar spoilers. Today we have two more stunning Zenkidar full art lands. More specifically, we have two Islands. I think we see a progression here and can expect two additional full art lands until the end of the week to cover off all five mana colours.

Recap from yesterday . . . Apparently, within Zendikar Booster Packs (from Booster Display boxes and Fatpacks), one may expect to pull full art basic lands ! If one were to get just a Zendikar Intro Pack however, expect to pull the traditional half-art basic land card - which in my opinion is still very kewl.

Watch your keyboard for drool as you check out these Zendikar Islands by Véronique Meignaud and Vincent Proce.

. . .
. .

First island by Véronique Meignaud is rather interesting. Perhaps not as epic as the Plains we saw yesterday but still very nice. It's one of those mysterious obelisks which looks like it impinged on a coastal cliff. The obelisk's midsection looks like it may be cracked open a titch to reveal some blue energy which may have resulted in those water spouts and force field.

The second island by Vincent Proce is as awesome as the Plains which was previewed yesterday here on MTG Realm. Only when you focus on the flock of birds do you get a sense of huge honk'n size of those rock crucibles. A few weird things about the crucibles . . . Why are there not any oblelisks here as we have seen in previous land arts? Also - where is the water coming from ?

We're not certain about the lack of obelisks but here at MTG Realm, we think portals all the time. This image also reminds me of that old 1974 Zardoz movie - you know the one - floating stone heads, Sean Connery au couture. This film was made by those on drugs and most likely enjoyed most by those on drugs. As for the stone crucibles doing a Niagara Falls thing into the ocean, I say 'surf's up dude!'.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Zendikar full art swamps . . . Yeah !

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Ryan said...

I like the second one by Vincent Proce the best, it is far more surreal.