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Eventide Booster Spoiler 2

I often wonder what my very first booster pack will look like in every new set that comes out. The new Eventide set is no different for me.

Here is one of a multitude of different cards one may get in their booster pack . .
Balefire Leige - a solid pump for red and white critters. Also steals 3 life from your opponent to give to you.
Syphon Life - Sorcery with Retrace that steals 2 life swap.

Noggle Hedge-Mage - 2/2 blue/red critter that allows tapping 2 of your opponents creatures while dealing 2 damage . . . This creature looks like an A$$.
Springjack Shepherd - a 1/2 Kithkin which generates 0/1 Goats (!) on a Chroma ability.

Cinder Pyromancer - 0/1 Elemental Shaman with Timmy.
Edge of the Divinity - Aura providing +1/+2 for white and +2/+1 for black creatures - maximize this by placing on a white/black creature.

Hobgoblin Dragoon - 1/2 red/white goblin knight with first strike.
Hoof Skulkin - 2/2 Artifact Scarecrow with a pay for +1/+1 pump.

Merrow Levitator - 2/3 Merfolk Wizard that taps to provide a flier.
Nettle Sentinel - 2/2 Elf Warrior that only untaps if you play a green spell.

Nip Gwyllion - 1/1 Hag with lifelink . . . (she has nice hair).
Puncture Blast - Red Instant that delivers 3 points of wither (* LOVE the flavour text on this card !).

Trapjaw Kelpie - 3/3 green/blue beast with flash and persist.
Wickerbough Elder - 4/4 Treefolk Shaman that has a -1/-1 chip on its branch - removing the negative counter destroys an artifact or enchantment.

And finally . ..

Woodlurker Mimic - 2/1 black/green Shapeshifter (they're back!). This creature becomes a 4/5 monster with wither everytime you place a black and green spell.

I hope your first pack is enjoyable . . . see you at the release / pre-release parties !

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