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Alara Artwork Spoiler 1

I realise that Eventide had not yet been released but I would like to unload some Shards of Alara spoiled artwork skimmed from the forums and other sources.

Launch Parties : October 3,4,5 2008
Prerelease tournaments : September 27-28, 2008
Previews start on : September 1, 2008 but we will try to get some of the unofficial items up here first.

Anywho - lets have a look at the promotional artwork above . . . a heavily armoured dude riding a LION ! - I like what I'm seeing - almost a medieval feel to it. If I had an overactive imagination, I can almost see Aslan !

Here is some text from an Italian source we've discovered . . .
The planeswalkers have discovered the plane of Alara shattered in five shards, with the mana colours scattered in each of them. Each shard has developed its own tricoloured theme. Which one is the one for you?

Tricoloured eh ? . . . very interesting indeed.

Also - it seems someone may have stuffed Shards of Alara lands in recently-released two-player starter sets.

If anything, the lands may provide some background flavour for the new set.


You may recall my blogging about a particular 'Vein Drinker' vampiric creature in the new Alara set in this POST. It looks like UltraPro, our favourite gaming supplies manufacturer has decided on a card sleeve featuring this suck head.

We also now have the cover to 'A Planeswalker's Guide to Alara: A Magic: The Gathering' (by Doug Beyer and Jenna Helland) courtesy of Amazon. You may notice the very large DRAGONS (!) on the front cover.

Apparently there will be dragons - more specifically, we can expect to see Hellkite Overlord which will also find its way into the 'From the Vault: Dragons' Limited Edition boxed set to be released August 29th. If I had to guess, mono-red, flying beater with pump to other dragons and possible timmy.

Much more yummy Alara previews soon after our digestion of the Eventide set.

And now for something completely different . . .

I rather enjoy going out to Friday Night Magic to my local gaming store (OMG! Games). This becomes more enjoyable given the chance to win an FNM foil promo card.

Next month's card will be Desert, and this month's card is Wall of Roots . . . Let's have a quick peek.



While we are at it - - here was June (Resurrection) and May (Pendelhaven). I actually won Pendelhaven and am somewhat proud of it.



I am off camping in the northern Ontario wilderness (think bears, moose and raccoons) so I will catch up with you after my vacation ( . . if I survive). :-)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get eaten by any bears. I hope you are packing Barkshell Blessing or enchanting yourself with Blacnhwood Armor. As there are bound to be tons of forests in your neck of the woods.

Actually thanks for all the Shards updates. I know people in my shop are already looking forward to it.

Be sure to check out my blog this week as I've got a video about my prerelease experience and I opened a card because of your karma. :)