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Ravnica Allegiance PW Decklists

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

As the last Magic: the Gathering cards are being previewed for the new Ravnica Allegiance set, the mother-site has posted the Planeswalker Deck Lists (conveniently linked right here).  Should you not know, Planeswalker deckds have been around for a while now and are well suited product developed by Wizards of the Coast to familiarise new players with basic game strategy as well as a great introduction into the flavour and mechanics of the new set.

The Planeswalker Decks introduced today are -

Dovin (White/Blue) Dovin, Architect of the Law
- and -
Domri (Red/Green) Domri, City Destroyer

Contents of each PW Deck -

• 1 x Ready-to-play 60-Card Deck Featuring a Foil Premium Planeswalker Card
• 2 x Ravnica Allegiance Booster Packs
• 1 x Strategy Insert
• 1 x Magic Learn-to-play Guide

Each Planeswalker deck produced to date generally features five cards that won't be found in the corresponding booster pack of the associated set, however, these cards are considered as a part of that expansion, and therefore will be legal to be played in any format, including Standard, as long as that set is legal in that format. 

The special cards included in each deck consist of:

One foil copy of a mythic rare planeswalker, typically with a high casting cost, designed to be fun and splashy but not pushed for tournament play. 

Two copies of a rare spell that has an effect and also searches your library for the specific planeswalker. The rare usually will cost one mana less than the planeswalker. This card will only looks for the Planeswalker Deck's version of the planeswalker and not any version.

Three copies of an uncommon permanent that is enhanced by having the planeswalker (or any other version of that planeswalker) on the battlefield.

Four copies of a common flavoured to the planeswalker with a basic staple effect.

Four copies of a supporting common dual land.

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