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Orzhov and Rakdos Mechanics

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics - Part I is now up on the Wizards of the Coast mothersite.  It appears that the remaining three mechanics for Simic, Gruul, and Azorius are to be previewed on seperate days (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday)

Afterlife (Orzhov Syndicate - White / Black)

A keyword ability found on creatures. When the creature dies it creates a number of 1/1 black and white Spirit creature token with flying.  New cards with this mechanic include a human soldier creature Tithe Take, and the human cleric Imperious Oligarch. 

Spectacle (Cult of Rakdos - Black / Red)

A keyword ability that gives spells an alternative cost. You can cast a spell for its spectacle cost if an opponent lost life during the turn.  New cards with this mechanic include human shaman Rix Maadi Reveler and Rafter Demon.

In other news, MTG fans were treated to all the Ravnica Allegiance Promos as well as the packaging.  From these revelations, we now know the following characters are likely to see print in this set :

• Lavinia
• Kaya
• Domri
• Dovin

The Rakdos and Simic booster pack arts are yet unconfirmed at this time.  Do pop on over to the WotC Ravnica Allegiance card image gallery linked here as new  cards are now being posted / previewed.


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