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Standard Burn Response

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

As we have said in previous posts, Magic: the Gathering standard format is not only a healthy format, but interesting as well.  From this weekend's results of Pro Tour Dominaria Richmond, the top decks were heavily weighted toward aggressive red and red / black decklists, but the metagame can easily evolve to respond.  Let's yatter about that for a moment.

Of the Top 8 decks, seven decklists had a full deck-set of four copies of Goblin Chainwhirler.  Given this, the very first thing a player may note is that token strategies (generating tokens 1/1 or less), may not be effective at all.  Following this, if one were to look at the full decklists (linked over here), one may note that burn is generally quite the major theme here.

The natural refuge against burn / red aggro archetype is life-gain.  To this end, we would suggest going back to the large number of such decklists which were posted by players shortly after when Crested Sunmare was previewed and folks were attempting to make this solid card work. The metagame at the time, did not allow this sort of list to be all that efficient, but perhaps it is time to revisit.

Do check out the latest video over at MTGO Traders linked right here, along with the decklist posted here.  If you were contemplating a right time to game with such a decklist, the time may be now.


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