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MTG Creature Spotlight - Azra

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

It is not every day (set) in which Magic: the Gathering players are presented with a new creature type by Wizards of the Coast.  With the release of the newest stand-alone set, Battlebond, there are now just under 240 creatures in total, which includes Changelings and Mistform Ultimus, which are every creature type.  So what new creature has been created with the introduction of the new Multiverse Plane of Existence called Kylem ?

Let us meet the 'Azra'.  If you are familiar with the other popular Wizards of the Coast brand, Dungeons & Dragons, then you might be familiar with a creature race known as the Tiefling.  These humanoid creatures resulting from a human and demon bloodline.  

There is an excellent video on the Forgotten Realms Wiki linked right here.

Azra Oddsmaker | Art by: Josh Hass

Unlike the Tiefling, the Azra have no tails.  The Azra are native on Kylem and do have a distant demonic ancestry.  In Magic: the Gathering, the Azra are found in the mana colours of Black and Red.  Theses creatures have one or more sets of differing shaped horns on their heads and unlike humans, their skin may be blue, purple or other darker colours.   The males of the species may also have horn like appendages on their chins.

According to yesterday's article, 'The World of Battlebond' on the Magic: the Gathering site, Magic Creative Team game designer Alison Luhrs has the following to say about the Azra ::

Wealth, taste, and trickery are the azra's primary interests. They flock to Valor's Reach for the competition on the field and off—lightening the purses of other attendees is just as exciting as watching a match. The azra love anything gold and shiny and aren't afraid to show off their wealth. Thus, most azra become merchants, though others seeking quick coin might turn to a life of crime as rogues, assassins, or mercenaries.
Blaring Captain | Art by: Grzegorz Rutkowski

Battlebond is the first-ever Two-Headed Giant-focused Magic booster set. It will be released on June 8, 2018. Battlebond is the Innovation Product for 2018, and is designed to be drafted.


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