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Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

It is time to do some house-cleaning and get to you a number of Magic: the Gathering news items.  Here is the drop now -

The latest set 'Dominaria is now up on the official Wizards of the Coast Magic: the Gathering card database, linked right here.  A quick sort reveals sixty-four (64!) cards which have the Legendary sub-type - umm WOW.

On Tuesday, Tim O'Hara, Wizards of the senior vice president of finance and operations, posted a brief article to the WotC website titled 'A Commitment to Excellence', which is a pleasant introduction to some who may not know Tim.  Of interest is this particular line, "some players with highly tuned fingers may notice a different feel to your Dominaria cards at Prereleases this weekend".   This is a very important point to some in the fan community which have submitted grievances regarding card quality.  Looking very much forward to the PreRelease to get my (somewhat calloused fingers) on the improved cards.

Speaking of the Dominaria PreRelease this weekend, if you have not attended one of these very fun / cool events, you may wish to catch Gavin's recent article / primer linked here on what to expect as well as very helpful tips to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

Other news this week include no changes to the 'Banned and Restricted' List, as well as the Dominaria Update Bulletin from Eli Shiffrin which does not contain any surprises for the official Magic: the Gathering comprehensive rules.

Lastly, we thoroughly loved today's Return to Dominaria story - Episode 6 from Martha Wells.  Here is the blurb -

"Jhoira takes Liliana and Gideon for a timely re-connection with a very old - and very powerful—friend."

We are big fans of the whole lost treasure / Indiana Jones trope, so when the story turns to Teferi (and friends) in the ancient monument temple, with traps around every corner, we were as immersed and engaged as we have ever been.  The moral take-away here is that anything is possible with the very amiable Weatherlight crew.  We won't mention the big news at the end of the story, but we are now considering making a ledger for all those powerstones that were created by the Thran Mana Rig.  

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