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Dominaria PreRelease Report

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We are returned from this weekend's Dominaria PreRelease event at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario.  It was great connecting with the regulars and meeting some new people.  It was also great ripping open packs of Magic: the Gathering cards and hearing some vocalisations of some excited players getting a great card.  

Our pool was rather unfortunate, or perhaps better to say, a bit challenging.  Off the top, from the prerelease packs, we scored perhaps about 9 bucks in rares, and the rest of the pool was pretty shallow, with the exception of white, and, for the first time we are able to recall, we made an entirely mono-coloured decklist for PreRelease.  Here are the ROUGH numbers in each colour -

WHITE - 22 cards
BLUE - 12
BLACK - 13
GREEN - 12

Here is a brief video of the start of the event -

Here are the rares I pulled . . .

And here is the rest of the mess we pushed together to game with - entirely in WHITE -


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