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Return to Dominaria

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We are tremendously pumped this week.  Wizards of the Coast has two special Official Magic: the Gathering stories to be posted later today (Wednesday) with another one following tomorrow.  Author Martha Wells has been engaged to produce fiction for the upcoming set Dominaria.  Here is a sneak peek of the awesomeness to come with this nibble which was posted over at The Comics Beat, linked right here.

“Return to Dominaria” excerpt
By Martha Wells

Sadage, cleric of the Cabal, made his way to the doors of the high-vaulted worship hall of the Stronghold. Smoke from torches and incense burners formed a cloud above the cultists sprawled on the stone floor. They begged for entrance to the hall, begged for the favor of the Scion of Darkness within.

A group of dark-robed disciples approached from the other direction, picking their way around the moaning supplicants to meet Sadage. He recognized the leader as Needle, an agent of the Cabal tasked with infiltrating New Argive. As the group reached him, they dropped to their knees. “You’ve returned,” said Sadage, “I hope for a worthwhile reason.”

In answer, Needle unwrapped a large, black sword, holding it up for acceptance. “I bring you a gift for the Scion of Darkness.”

art by Chris Rahn

Continue the excerpt of this story over at The Comics Beat.

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