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Dominaria Trailer

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,
This, our third post for today we want to talk about the upcoming set, Dominaria, and quite specifically, the very cool trailer that was posted just a short while ago by Wizards of the Coast.

CAUTION : This video contains more than 100% of the recommended daily intake of AWESOMENESS.
 Here it is !

Wizards has put together yet another amazing set trailer.  We are very much pumped to immerse ourselves in the story and cards of this set.  For those Magic: the Gathering flavour fans out there, here is our (error-free?) transcript of the trailer -

How many times can you rebuild from Apocalypse?
On Dominaria, we've almost lost count.
As we celebrate a world reborn, darkness is growing.
Each day wasted, brings us closer to ruin.
I've been through this cycle, and I know.
This time, it will be different.
Together, we will crush this evil at its source, forever.
Dominaria cannot wait, and neither will we.


There are a lot of very interesting things to talk about in the trailer, but here are some bullet points for now, which has been tempered with today's story on the Wizards of the Coast MTG website :

• Karn - in a study with a globe of Dominara.  Sweet art, and it appears that this Planeswalker is prepared to go head to head against this next character.

• Belzenlok, King of Urborg, Demonlord.  Liliana needs to kill this demon and needs (what's left of) the Gatewatch to do this.  Karn looks to be a powerful ally with interests aligned in this endeavour.

• There is an image presented in the trailer of an individual being suited up in armor.  We suspect that this is Liliana's undead brother Josu being turned via a necromantic rite at the Vess manor house into a Lich now enslaved to Belzenlok.

• The unholy Cabal, with Belzenlok at its head appears to be pure evil in its dark ambition to control (or destroy) Dominaria.  


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