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12 Days of MTG Christmas

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

It being the 12th day of December, this had reminded us of an apropos post a few years back on December 4th, 2014 where we had laid out our Magic: the Gathering take on the jolly Christmas Carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas.  To this end, we now regurgitate that post to you, along with the estimated card value from that time.

A Magic: the Gathering Christmas !

• 12 Deepwood Drummers Drumming
• 11 Elvish Pipers Piping
• 10 Lords pumping
• 9 Power Nine…ing
• 8 Goblins Lurking
• 7 Mystics forging
• 6 Sphinxs Revving
• 5 Soo-ool Riiiings!
• 4 Squadron Hawks
• 3 Mutavaults
• 2 Tarmogoyfs
• And a Storm Crow in a Treefolk!

Our playgroup was chatting the other evening about this very song when someone wondered as to the price for all of these very lovely cards.  That is what we hope to estimate right now.  Prices below are a rough aggregate from CCG HouseMTG Mint Card, other online retailers and our own local WPN store OMG! Games here in Barrie.  

• Foil 7th Edition Storm Crow ($1 foil)in a Doran, the Siege Tower Lorwyn ($10 Foil).  We used Doran, our fav card to rep the treefolk here.

• 2x Tarmogoyfs ($700 Future Sight Foil)

• 3x Mutavaults ($35 M14 foil) 

• 4x Squadron Hawk ($3 FNM promo)

• 5x Sol Rings ($25 From the Vault: Relics)

• 6x Sphinx's Revelation ($28 Return to Ravnica foil)

• 7x Stoneforge Mystics ($160 Worldwake foil)

• 8x Goblin Bushwacker ($3 Zendikar foil) We used the bushwacker here as we thought it looked very 'lurky'.

• Black Lotus ($6,750 Unlimited), Ancestral Recall ($1,700 Unlimited) Time Walk ($1,200 Unlimited), Mox Pearl ($1,200 Unlimited), Mox Sapphire ($1,600 Unlimited), Mox Jet ($1,300 Unlimited), Mox Ruby ($1,000 Unlimited), Mox Emerald ($1,100 Unlimited), and Timetwister ($650 Unlimited).

• 10x Lord of Atlantis ($75 7th Edition foil)

• 11x Elvish Pipers Piping ($12 M10 foil)

• 12x Deepwood Drummer ($1 Mecadian Masques foil)

Summed up, we are looking at just under $21,000 or so. 



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