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Felidar Guardian Banned

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,


Stop the presses and (if you had not already) read the 'Addendum to April 24, 2017 Banned and Restricted Announcement' posted today on the MAGIC: THE GATHERING website linked here.  

The Cat is in the bag.

Felidar Guardian is banned.

We do not think it a bit of a stretch of statement to say that the Copy Cat (Saheeli Combo) was driving people away from playing Standard.  This appears to be generally true for some professional players, but most decidedly true for Friday Night Magic regulars like us at MTG Realm.  Sadly, we've had spotty attendance over the last two months.  Some missed events were personal, but in a large part, it was due to the dominance of threats, in the form of the Sahelli / Felidar Guardian card combo over potential answers to this.

Wizards had applied a rapid solution to this impending crisis today.  

• As a direct result, we personally are re-invigorated to play standard constructed again.  

• As a direct result, we now fully expect that the problem of flagging Friday Night Magic attendance that we have personally seen in three local gaming stores would be solved.

• As a direct result, we are now purchasing additional Amonkhet cards, and returning to our favourite past time - brewing rogue decks and taking these for a spin at our local gaming store.

Those gamers who had fled the standard format to play other formats like Commander and Modern, may be further enticed to get back into standard with sought-after cards as Friday Night Magic promos, or perhaps ad-hoc participation promo cards so those younger or newer players who cannot crack the Top 8 spot may have some good incentive.

Great move Wizards of the Coast ! Our thanks.

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