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Amonkhet Spoilers 4-10

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Today marks the herald of the second full week of official Wizards of the Coast Amonkhet previews.  Magic: the Gathering gamers we've talked to about the set so far are pretty hyped.  If there is any criticism, it is with the new split-card mechanic 'Aftermath', and while it delivers on the flavour for the set, it seems to kinda fall flat.  We suggest you pop on over to MTG Goldfish to read SaffronOlive's detailed discourse on this.

Anywhoos, let's round up the latest Amonkhet spoilers / prviews out for today.

Oketra the True, the White Amonkhet God, illustrated by Chase Stone.  Duble strike, Indestructible, with relative ease to be able to attack / blocke with condition of controlling 3 other creatures.  Mana sink to create a weenie is OK.

Neheb, the Worthy, illustrated by Chris Rahn.  If you were looking for a legendary Minotaur, look no further.   With this Minotaur lord (which took us completely by surprise in this set), there is nothing stopping us in getting a casual or Commander decklist together with a strong tribal theme.

Liliana's Expertise, Zombie tribal support, illustrated by Kieran Yanner.  Five mana delivers a pump and an immediate 6 power, not bad at all.

Vizier of the Menagerie, Naga Cleric illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez.  Solid body and 3 powerful effects ensure this to be a fan favourite across mulitple formats, and may be be good in Modern Zoo.  

Censor, Uncommon conditional counterspell, illustrated by Robin Stanko.  Similiar to Urza's Legacy Micalculation.  Controller must pay 1, and cycling for 1 blue mana.

Honored Hydra, illustrated by Todd Lockwood.  Hail Hydra!  Zombie Snake Hydra are a lot of subtypes here.  A 6/6 trample for six mana is meh, but you may feel better about this when using Champion of Rhonas to cheat it onto the battlefield.

Never // Return, illustrated by Daarken.  A rather nice black sorcery, still wish it was instant speed to keep Gideon of the Trials under $50.  You can build you very own Never - to - Return with Hero's Downfall, Shamble Back and Vile Rebirth.

Pull From Tomorrow, illustrated by Sara Winters.  Decent draw and discard tech for when you need to filter.

Unburden, illustrated by Svetlin Velinov.  An old reprint from Scourge (I personally did not understand what was going on in the original art)  Good cycle and control here.

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