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Monday MTG Miscellaney

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

There are quite a few things to yatter about, so let's get straight down to it.

Off the top - This last weekend of Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad in Madrid showed a rapid evolution of of the mono-culture of human white-x decklists from StarCityGames Baltimore.  Good variety is an good indication of the health of standard constructed. Here is this varied array coming in at Top 8 -

1st     White-Green Tokens, Steve Rubin
2nd     Bant Company, Andrea Mengucci
3rd     Esper Control, Seth Manfield
4th     Esper Dragons, Shota Yasooka    
5th     Black-Green Control, Jon Finkel
6th     Goggles Ramp, Brad Nelson
7th     Black-Green Aristocrats, Luis Scott-vargas
8th     Red-White Goggles, Luis Salvatto

Some rather important announcements of note which was given during the weekend's tournament which we will direct you to the summary posted at this link by Helene Bergeot, WotC director of organized play and trade marketing.  The whole TL/DR is that there is significant changes on the wind which really boils down to money.  Specifically, what is generally earned by Pro players at events and prize pools - call it a re-distribution of wealth almost (quite grossly speaking), which may or may not be good for the game as a whole.  Some good discussions over here on Reddit by non-pro players (just like us) as well as a take by Brian Kibler (we highly respect that fella) over at this link.  We suggest you join in the conversation over a the Reddit TCG MTG group.

Next up - More than $55,000 US worth of Magic: The Gathering cards were stolen from a Sioux City man's home Friday 8th April.
The take-away message here is that although there is an insurance claim in progress, Mr. Burson Jr may only be getting up to $2,500 which may have been an appraisal some time ago and before the collection grew to its present size.  Please tell your local gaming store in South Dakota to be on the look out.   :(

There is a  Magic: the Gathering documentary called 'Enter the Battlefield' that follows seven Magic players.  This is coming to Netflix and Youtube on April 26, 2016. One amy also tune in to on April 25, 2016 to see the full documentary before it goes up.  
Anywhoos - we are perhaps a bit ashamed to say that we are not at all interested in watching this (sorry).  :(

Did you see what took first place is the SCG Standard IQ Catskill on 4/09/2016 - AFTER Hardened Scales rotated out of standard format ??  Yeah - a scaless version - weird and cool - kudos to Dan Ward !


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