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2016 MTG Gift Box

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Wizards of the Coast have been producing a Holiday Gift Box since 2012, and while it was certainly a big hit with Magic: the Gathering fans when it was first released strategically just before the year end Holidays, the appeal did wane with the last two releases.  The most common complaint from consumers essentially distilled down to the durability of the box itself.  We've heard and / or seen damage to the card storage box through use as well as product shipping.  A number of fans had also registered irritation that last year's product, the Battle for Zendikar Holiday Gift Box included an image of highly desirable full-art lands whereas the product contained regular lands in the land pack.  In defense of WotC, there was a good measure of communication and apologies for this print error prior to the product's release.

It appears that Wizards of the Coast has addressed this now.  WotC has indicated in this Wizards Play Network video with WPN Community Manager, Michael Yichao and Global Brand Manager, Brian Trunk, that there are some siginificant changes coming to the design, as well as product release date.  

Firstly, the release date - the previous four Holiday Gift Boxes were released in November of each year and corresponded to the 'large' fall set.  This year, the product, now called 'The Magic: The Gathering Gift Box' is being released in May (just a month away from today's post).  

Secondly, the Gift Box design has changed to make it more robust than ever.  The supportive neck of the box has been made taller so that the lid sits on the neck, higher off the bottom lip. This prevents the lid from overlapping and causing potential splitting at the corners.  There is to be a disposable supporting brace designed to eliminate damage to the box and contents during shipping.  In addition to this, it is reported that with the taller box neck, design allowed an 'easy-access window' to allow one improved access to the three rows of cards.

Here is the video from Michael and Brian now - 

The Shadows over Innistrad Gift Box releases May 13, 2016 for a suggested retail price of $24.99 (USD).  Here is what you will find inside -

• 5 Shadows over Innistrad booster packs
• Storage Box with capacity for over 2,000 Magic cards
• 20 Shadows over Innistrad basic lands
• 6 illustrated plastic dividers
• Sticker sheet for customizing the dividers
• 1 Alternate art card from the Shadows over Innistrad set

For reference, here are the previous gift box details and its promo card -

2012 Return to Ravnica, Dreg Mangler
2013 Theros, Karametra's Acolyte
2014 Khans of Tarkir, Sultai Charm
2015 Battle for Zendikar, Scythe Leopard
2016 Shadows over Innistrad, Ravenous Bloodseeker (spring release)


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