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Eldritch Moon Announcement

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

On the weekend, some people spent time playing Magic: the Gathering, while others watched Super Bowl 50.  We did both.  Starting off with Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games here in Barrie on Friday (duh), Saturday was a number of Commander games at our lair with the playgroup and Sunday was all about football.

Anywhoos, for today's post, we were going to get to our final Commmander 2015 video in our series of collaborative posts with Jon over at  Then it happened - a big leak of Shadows Over Innistrad on Saturday (article over here).  We were to talk about the leaked cards in today's post, and then Wizards of the Coast announced the next set (after Shadows Over Innistrad) today on the mothersite.  So, that's it - the subject of today's post -

Very apropos for Innistrad we think - but wait - guess who is back - 

Yep!  Everyone's fav black coloured-aligned Planeswalker - Liliana.  The key art for the first set, Shadows Over Innistrad appears to show Jace, so why not Lili to follow up in the second set, Eldritch Moon.

The name Eldritch has been used several times before to describe arcane and sometimes malevolent spirits, such as describing Liliana's rune-like patterns on her skin as well as the cabalistic possession of the Chain-Veil.

Anywhoos, you may have also heard of the Eldritch Moon before - specifically in 2014, the name of a digital comic by Nashoba Hostina.  We would post an image of the Eldritch Moon digital comic book front page but it is copyrighted.  Wonder if WotC also knows that this name is already in use, or if it really matters - dunno - we are not copyright lawyers.

Righto - here's the 411 - the mothersite did not provide an expansion symbol in today's post, but perhaps there is a hint in the first "o" in the stylized 'moon' text.  Here is the info you will need to know - 

Set Name: Eldritch Moon
Block: Set 2 of 2 in the Shadows over Innistrad block
Number of Cards: 205
Prerelease Events: July 16–17, 2016
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Launch Weekend: July 22–24, 2016
Game Day: August 13–14, 2016
Official Three–Letter Code: EMN
Twitter Hashtag: #MTGEMN

Initial Concept and Game DesignKen Nagle (lead), Mark Rosewater, Shawn Main, Ben Hayes, Bryan Hawley, Kelly Digges

Final Game Design and DevelopmentSam Stoddard (lead), Dave Humpherys, Jackie Lee, Bryan Hawley, Melissa DeTora, with contributions from Matt Tabak.

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