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OGW Standard Combo

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Since Friday evening, after our FNM event at OMG! Games, we've been crazy-mad brewing standard lists.   We did not see very much which inspired us from StarCity Games Atlanta, with the exception of Barry Woerner's Mono-Black Eldrazi, which came in a very respectful 12th place. We've looked at Jake Stiles excellent article 'This and That: Oath of the Gatewatch' article over on MTG Goldfish to get an orientation to determine what strategies may have worked well for us in the past and if we could pull it out of the hat again with the new card offerings.  A lot of enjoyable work went into brewing a few lists and we hope to present the weapons the MTG Realm playgroup will settle on going forward.  A hint - it's very much likely in the form of a Black / (Red or Blue) Eldrazi list which has yet to form a profile of aggro, midrange or control.

Anywhoos, for today's post, we had received some mail from readers about potential new standard format combos or synergies available with Oath of the Gatewatch.  Today, we will look at just one - the one a lot of players have been talking about - the Infinite Displace combo.

♢ Play Zulaport Cutthroat and follow-up with Eldrazi Displacer.

♢ Cast Brood Monitor, which will produce 3 Sction tokens when it enters the battlefield

♢ Sacrifice the 3 Scion tokens, which produce 3 colorless mana.  Doing this, drains your opponent for 3 life while you gain 3 life.

♢ Use the 3 colorless mana from the Scion tokens to pay for the activated ability of Eldrazi Displacer.  Target your Brood Monitor.  This will blink the Brood Monitor which re-enters the battlefield with another 3 Scion tokens.   Rinse + Repeat.

Looks sweet, but just like any combo deck, chances are, you may unable to get the pieces out assemble the Power Rangers, or simply have the wheels fall off by having a critical piece, like Zulaport, get nerf'd with Sparkmage's Gambit or similar burn spell. 

Who cares !  Live that dream !

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