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Copmmander Videos 2

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

On the weekend, our BroChcho Jon, of, dropped by and we went through all five Commander 2015 decks.  These were a very lovely gift from our awesome Bro Eric at Christmas.  

These posts (to be updated) will link off to all the videos we had worked on - 
(1) Commander 2015 Intro
(2) Call the Spirits (Black / White)
(3) Seize Control (Red / Blue)
(4) Plunder the Graves (Black / Green)
(5) Wade into Battle (Red / White)
(6) Swell the Host (Blue / Green)

In this post, we have a video where we will discuss the black and white 'Orzhov' Commander product named 'Call the Spirits'.

Call the Spirits
Daxos the Returned travels across Theros in a never-ending search, surrounded by spirits that are drawn to his power. As mighty enchantments enter the battlefield, the spirits he summons grow larger and larger, leaving his enemies overwhelmed.

The primary theme of the deck is enchantments, and the secondary theme is lifegain. The primary new commander is Daxos the Returned, the secondary new commander is Karlov of the Ghost Council, and the reprint commander is Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts.

New cards for Commander 2015
• Banshee of the Dread Choir
• Bastion Protector
• Corpse Augur
• Daxos the Returned
• Daxos's Torment
• Deadly Tempest
• Grasp of Fate
• Herald of the Host
• Karlov of the Ghost Council
• Oreskos Explorer
• Righteous Confluence
• Sandstone Oracle
• Shielded by Faith
• Thief of Blood
• Thought Vessel


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