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Gatecrash Game Day

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

This weekend (Saturday / Sunday 23rd / 24th February) local gaming stores around the world will be hosting Gatecrash 'Game Day'.  This standard constructed tournament held at card shops everywhere are held a few weeks after the official launch of the new set.  This is a great opportunity to take a break from kitchen-table gaming and unleash your 60-card creation at the store.  For details, check out the mothersite link here.  We here at MTG Mint card have not quite settled on a deck to bring along but for now we think R.Tech might take a Simic (blue-green evolve) build and C6 might have an Orzhov (black-white extort) token build to our local slice of Gamer heaven - OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  R.Stomp is thinking about an old-skool standard Zombie build but is looking at some other lists he found on MTG Mint Card's Deck Central website.
Anywhoos - here's the run down of what you might score at the Game Day event -participants at the Gatecrash Game Day will receive this Zameck Guildmage promo.

Those to make Top 8 during the Gatecrash Game Day event can expect to receive this Firemane Avenger promo.

The first-place Champion will walk away with this very slick Gatecrash Game Day Champion Play Mat featuring the card art from Merciless Eviction with art from Richard Wright.


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