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RTR Launch

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

This Friday, Magic the Gathering fans will let out a sigh of relief that Return to Ravnica will finally be released.  The ensuing madness of said players snapping up cards at the local gaming shop may be akin to vultures on a carcass but we'ere sure store owners will welcome this.  As for us, we will be heading over to OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario on Thursday midnight (right after Commander / EDH play) to get in some early purchases before all the singles sell out.  We'll be returning again to take in the special Friday Night Magic Launch of Return to Ravnica and score a nifty promo as well. 

Deadbridge Goliath - Return to Ravnica FNM / Launch promo

This Friday is also the first FNM of the month - last month's FNM promo was Lingering Souls - and thanks to readers wanting to fire one off in the mail for us - we now have our deckset.  This month's promo is Evolving Wilds, the sac 'n' search land from the core set M13, which in our opinion ain't too bad given Return to Ravnica has a ton of multi-coloured (Gold) cards.

Evolving Wilds - Friday Night Magic September 2012 Promo

As for the new standard environment set to be unleashed this Friday, we think that although there will be quite a few new decks being developed over the next few weeks, the most prominent and strongest deck likely to emerge will be black / green Zombies.  Already popular, Zombie cards such as Gravecralwer and Geralf's Messenger will soon be joined by the likes of Lotleth Troll, and Dreg Mangler.  With Grisly Salvage, Abrupt Decay and Rancor this build should be earning top spots at your local FNM event.

If you're not playing zombies, which we think will be the deck to beat, your options may be found in a Selesnya or Azorius / Bant build but may not be as effecient as you would like.  Whichever way you may go, we think that Innistrad's Elite Inquisitor or Slayer of the Wicked might be finding it's way into many sideboards soon - even an exalted M13 Knight of Glory with protection from black might even see more play.

We sort of dismissed Return to Ravnica's 'Rest in Peace' enchantment but will be reconsidering the hate it may bring for decks using the Undying tech.  As for our first build after rotation, we anticipated a Zombie proliferation and made sure we have copies from MTG Mint Card to deal with the menace.  Specifically, we are thinking an Bant control / lifegain strategy using Azorious Charm, Terminus, Knight of Glory, Feeling of Dread, with lifelinkers like Thragtusk and perhaps Rhox Faithmender.  We're still working on a list but have hopes we'll have a decent build in another week or two.

We're naturally curious - What are you, the MTG Realm reader planning to play ? ?  

Drop us a line below in the comment thingy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i plan on using a bant miracle deck with thragtusk and sigarda.
azorius charm will help out the deck but im still trying to figure out how to beat the zombie deck. the owner of my local store built the r/b version and i cant beat it.