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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Get your standard constructed deck ready for this weekend and rock some Magic: the Gathering sweetness on Return to Ravnica Gameday.

We'll be attending the tournament at our local games store OMG! Games, here in Barrie Ontario to not only to score a Dryad Militant participation promo but also try to win one of the Cryptborn Horror Top 8 prize promos.

Here are the details for the OMG! Games event (they are about an hour north of Toronto)
Registration: 11:30am
Start time: 12:30pm
Cost: $5
• All participants recieve a full art Dryad Militant
• Top 8 players recieve a full art Cryptborn Horror
• First place will recieve a exclusive champion playmat
• Booster packs will go to top players based on attendance.
Format: Standard swiss rounds with cut to top 8

Anywhoos - onto today's post . . .

'meme' (mēm) : An image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another. 

Check out these very witty posts from Tumblr blogger 'MTG Memes' - this is one of the MTG blogs we read regularly. 


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Unknown said...

I used a Jund control deck for yesterday's RtR Game Day (using Abrupt Decay, Dreadbore, Bonfires, and other removals while using Desecration Demon, Thragtusk, Vraska & Garruk Primal Hunter for the winning condition), and it sucked pretty badly.

The deck just couldn't handle a plethora of big, ugly creatures my friend threw at me. My local metagame consist of either a mid-range / big creature decks or zombies. I'm totally prepared for zombies, but seriously, the big bad creatures deck is just horrid.

They kept throwing Thragtusks, Angel of Serenities, Restoration Angels, Armada Wurms, Huntsmen, you name it.

And due to Angel of Serenity as well as zombies, I think the best solution to any kind of threat in this format is Detention Sphere.

And even then, it's a lot wiser to play a big creature deck ourselves. At least we can trade 1 for 1 with their creatures.

Dunno bout the metagame in your place, but I'm sure as heck disappointed with the current standard. It's like an pseudo Legions-only-with-a-splash-of-onslaught kind of standard where creatures run rampant... But we lack the means to nullify them. Supreme Verdict enables regeneration, Abrupt Decay is almost useless since most powerful creatures are at least cc5. Dreadbore is a sorcery.

Good luck with the Game Day, hope you have better luck than I do :P