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Quest for the Holy Armor

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

If you are heading out to a local FNM tonight, the best of luck and have a blast. By now (a week after the official release of Scars of Mirrodin), most of the players would have had an opportunity to get the new product in their hands, buy some singles and do a bunch of trades. This of course means that you can expect the new local metagame to develop in earnest and experience several new or modified builds. Essentially, we're saying, take notes so you are able to hash out appropriate responses in either your main or sideboard.

One build one might see is the nearly all white Quest for the Holy Armor deck type. This build essentially focuses on getting the heavy costing Argentum Armor equipment on any creature possible and start swinging. Sure this equipment costs six to cast and six to equip but it does bascially provide you with a pseudo-Titan. A pump of +6/+6 is nothing to scoff at. In addition to this, the card provides a very strong vindicate-like effect in destroying a permanent your oppononent controls - yep any permanent. Losing a land early in the game can really mess up your opponent's tempo which there may be no time to recover from.

The perfect theoretical play for this may go something like this . . .
T1: Birds of Paradise
T2: Stoneforge Mystic (tutor Argentum Armor) + Kor Duelist
T3: Use Stoneforge Mystic to get the armor into play. Play Kor Outfitter and equip armor to Duelist. Atack for 14.

Whatever way you get it out, the objective is not to pay full price to hard cast it. We really, really liked playing a Bant / Mythic Consciption build using Sovereigns of Lost Alara to search and free cast the heavy-costing Eldrazi Conscription to win almost every game we were able to have this combo land on the game table. With Sovereigns not rotated out of standard, this combo is as dead as disco.

So, here are some of the 'one or two ofs' you will need to consider.
Argentum Armor
Sword of Body and Mind
Sword of Vengeance

The other way to cheat the Armor out in play without having to hard-cast it is by using Quest for the Holy Relic. This Uncommon was often underfoot on the floor at FNM or in the garbage can as it was pretty bad. If you kept a set, you should now be rather pleased with yourself as this Quest can use Kor Skyfisher or more preferably, Glint Hawk to bounce and replay a zero costing Memnite or Ornithopter to rapidly obtain five counters on Quest for the Holy Relic which you can then search, cast and equip for free. We will always suggest to pack a parachute incase the wheels fall off your combo. In this case, using Stoneforge Mystic and Kor Outfitter would be a wise thing indeed.

Argentum Armor
Sword of Body and Mind
Sword of Vengeance
Quest for the Holy Relic
Glint Hawk
Kot Skyfisher
Stoneforge Mystic
Kor Outfitter

Anywhoos - please drop us a line in the comment thingy below and tell us how you would go about completing this particular build.

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