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Mirrodin Lunch Time

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Right now in where we live, the city is covered in a blanket of (very temporary and ephemeral) snow. Perhaps this may be the case in your neck of the woods. If so, give yourself some extra time to head off to your local game store / club for Friday Night Magic to avoid being late and getting the stinkeye from the organiser.

Today's post . . . light 'n' fluffy.

We are providing some images of some very lovely swag sent by Wizards of the Coast to some of the fan sites they work with. Check it out - the absoutely bomb-tastic Mirrodin lunchbox !

Text from the letter included reads like this . .

Welcome to Mirrodin

This is the plane of metal. The Razor Fields chime with the sound of the golder blades of grass waving in the wind, and the rippling surface of the Quicksilver Sea reflects the gleaming light of the five suns. This plane is about to be a battleground.

The tribes of Humans, prides of Leonin and other Mirrans carry on with their lives as if nothing is wrong. Event the industrious little Myr are oblivious to the poison brewing just beneath the seemingly peaceful world.

The Phyrexian invasion force has been growing within the world since its first dawn. Now, Phyrexia seeks to re-make this world in its own twister image of perfection.

Before you, you'll find the tools to explore the looming conflict and choose the side with which to ally yourself. Will you aid the Mirrans in the defense of their home, or will you side with the Phyrexians and their desire for conquest? Look around for like-minded friends, or better yet, opposite-minded friends to engage in battles at work during lunch or at your favourite game store.

These Magic the Gathering Scars of Mirrodin Intro Packs introduce you to aspects of either faction and the booster packs let you delve even deeper into the plots and machinations of all involves. The website below will give you even more insight into the Mirrodin and the Phyrexian invaders. and

Enjoy discovering the world of Magic and Mirrodin

Wizards of the Coast


1 comment:

kit said...

where can i find one cuz that would be a good collection from scar since it is the best set ever since it a second coming of mirrons