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M11 Spoilers Complete

Good Day peeps,
If you check your internet machine now, you will realise quickly that the very last of the spoilers rolled in late last night and we only have card arts outstanding which will be wrapped up by week's end with Wizard's official preview. We have updated our
text Spoiler List as well don't forget to check out the completed M11 Visual Spoiler >HERE

One item that did get things rolling in the direction of a timely and effective conclusion to the Magic 2011 spoiler season was images of the M11 Player's Guide posted by Julznova - very naughty - all hail Julznova. The Player's Guide, if you are not aware contains play tips, story background, and a visual encyclopedia of every card in the released set. Here is a few pics - if you want more, look to the forums . . .

very nice . . .

Anywhoos - oddly enough, last night we were thinking about a possible artifact deck with some of the new M11 cards - and lo and behold - there happens to be a M11 combo suggestion in the Player's Guide to help you pimp your game. Let's have a look at what we were thinking . . .

Yep - nice and straight forward ► Triskelion comes into play with three +1/+1 counters which get removed when you ping a player or creature for one damage. Steel Overseer is tapped to throw a +1/+1 counter on each artifact creature you control and then one is able to rinse and repeat with Voltaic Key. Practically builds itself, don't it ? Are you thinking what we're thinking - good - get a Basilisk Collar that that Triskelion (perhaps using Stoneforge Mystic to tutor it out) and now you have a colourless death-pinging / life gain deck.

To squeak out a deck around this, one may consider using Lodestone Golem to punish players for not playing artifacts, some Ornithopters for earlier drops, perhaps a Metallurgeon to regenerate your artifact creatures, and of course the very irritating Platinum Angel with a Whispersilk Cloak to ensure you never loose a game.

Well, you get the idea - please share yours - drop a comment.

We should expect the last several cards to go up soon on your fav on-line retailer so ensure you check often. M11 singles are now available for pre-order on MTG Mint Card.

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Anonymous said...

How about the combination of Primal Coocoon and Triskelion? It now recharges! With Basilisk Collar this is an everlasting one-sided Wrath