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M11 Combos & Syns

Good Day MTG Peeps,

We are certain that you, like us, are evaluating the new Magic 2011 cards for inclusion into your existing casual decks or developing an entire new deck. Following are some combos and synergies you may consider to help pimp your game. Remember that M11 cards become legal to play tomorrow (7/16/2010) so expect to see some of these at your local Friday Night Magic get-together. Also consider that M10 rotates out of standard with Shards of Alara block this fall, so you have approximately 3 months of overlap with M10 and M11 which may spell some very interesting changes with your local metagame.

Righto - onto some card pairings . . . Please suggest your own in the comment form below.

Voltaic Key + Sorcerer's Strongbox or XElixir of ImmortalityX (We're retarded - thanks for the correction JC!) or Crystal Ball (etc.)

Some others to consider . . .

Prodigal Pyromancer + Chandra's Spitfire

Reassembling Skeleton + Bloodthrone Vampire

Triskelion + Primal Cocoon or Chandra's Spitfire

Alluring siren + Wall of Frost


Since we have now moved past the M11 spoiler season, many eyes are now turning toward the distant horizon (October) and scanning what new cardboard to expect. We know that 'Scars of Mirrodin' is the first set in the block which suggests an artifact theme. We also now can speculate on the names of the remaining two sets in this block.
Trademarks filed by Wizards of the Coast with the US Patent and Trademark Office suggest that the set codenames “Lights, Camera, Action” will be 'Scars of Mirrodin (confirmed), New Phyrexia, and Mirrodin Pure'.

We will be vigilent in the coming months to bring you the latest scoop.


JC said...

How does Voltaic Key work with Elixir of Immortality? You use the Elixir it gets shuffled into your deck, it's not there to untap.

Lord Helmet said...

How about Triskelion + Steel Overseer?

Anonymous said...

@ JC:

You use the stack. That's how

CopySix said...

Reading is tech.
Next time, I'm reading the card.

Ryan said...

No, you totally can:

Pay 2 and tap to put elixir's ability on the stack.

In response to that ability, untap it with the key.

Pay 2 and tap to activate elixir again.

Elixir's 2nd activation resolves, gives you 5 life and shuffles itself into the library along with your 'yard.

Elixir's 1st activation resolves, gives you 5 life tries to shuffle itself (it doesn't matter that it can't) and your 'yard (it might be able to) into your library.

Since none of these effects are part of the cost, and none of them require targets, The ability will resolve and do as much as possible.

scabberz said...

ryan is correct, for the most part. yes both abilities get put on the stack, but let me ask u this.. if i tap a perodical pyromancer (forgive my spelling) and put his ability on the stack, then you unsummon him, since the card is no longer in play, its removed from the stack. once elixer of immorality is shuffled, it cant partake in the fun any more.

Anonymous said...

the pyromancer is the one Physically doing the damage. as the card states. so if he is not in play he cant do the damage. but the elixir is not giving you health. so it does not need to be in play. Its like blinding mage. if he gets bounced his ability still triggers because it states "tap target creature", if it stated "blinding mage taps target creature" then it would fizzle like the pyromancer.

Anonymous said...

Prodigal pyromancer would steal deal its damage even if killed. Rules state taht the last 'known information' is used if an ability references the source if that source is no longer in play.

Anonymous said...

Prodigal pyromancer would still deal its damage even if killed. Rules state that the last 'known information' is used if an ability references the source; If that source is no longer in play.