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Rise of the Eldrazi FAQ

Happy Wednesday folks.
Not only is it 'hump-day' for working stiffs and students all over the world, today in particular also happens to be spoiler complete day for Rise of the Eldrazi. Late last evening or early this morning, Wizards did the final update and loaded in the last few remaining cards on their RoE mini-site preview page.

As a result of this, we now have a complete 248 of 248 cards and card images accounted for. Make sure you hit up our MTG Realm Rise of the Eldrazi Spoiler list which provides all the card text as well as images for rare / mythic rares. We will ensure we get a full Rise of the Eldrazi visual spoiler hosted within the next week as well for easy reference while on the blog here.

This weekend, Pre-Release events will be taking place all over the globe - to find an event near you, check out this page at Wizards. With the pre-release events just 2 days away, it may be time for you to do a quick review of the Rise of the Eldrazi FAQs so your games go smoothly this weekend.

Here is a copy of the FAQ document for your reference . . .

You can find descriptions, notes, and rules explanations for most Rise of the Eldrazi cards in this document. Some of the major points -

New Creature Type: Eldrazi
New Keyword Ability: Annihilator
Returning Card Type: Tribal
New Card Frames: Colorless Cards
Theme: "When you cast [this creature]" abilities
Theme: Legendary Eldrazi
Theme: Eldrazi Spawn tokens
New Card Layout: Levelers
New Keyword Ability: Level up
New Keyword Ability: Rebound
New Keyword Ability: Totem Armor
Theme: Converted Mana Cost

Also - make sure you check out the card-specific notes section starting on page 11 - we will to reduce any potentional faux-pas during the pre-release this weekend.

If you will be heading out and bringing your best game - good luck !


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