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Planechase Announcement

Interesting announcement from Wizards today on yet another upcoming product named Planechase.

Apparently, this variation on conventional Magic the Gathering will feature 10 plane cards which will provide an interesting twist to our favourite game. Each card will provide "thrilling new conditions add a whole new layer of chaos, meaning the only thing you can count on is unpredictability".

The product is set to release in September, 2009 and will comprise of four different 60-card ready to rumble decks which have been named 'Elemental Thunder, Metallic Dreams, Strike Force, and Zombie Empire'.

One piece of information I was happy to read about is that each deck will include an unheard of number of rares (compared to previous pre-constructed decks). Specifically, "each of the 60-card decks will include 8 rares, and will be composed of cards from throughout Magic's history - including a preview card from Zendikar". Furthermore, each game pack will include 10 oversized plane cards and a six-sided planar die.

I'd love to learn more but will have to wait until it gets further description on Wizards or someone leaks the Planechase strategy insert. Anywho - there was two pieces of art posted on the announcement as well - and it seems obvious that the art represents a selection of planes the player will interact with. The obvious one was Serra's Realm.

I'm not particularly good at following the MTG story-line but the wiki informs me that the following planes may be up for inclusion in this set - Alara, Azoria, Bant, Cabralin, Cridhe, Dominaria, Equilor, Ergamon, Esper, Gastal, Grixis, Ilcae, Jund, Kamigawa, Kephalai, Lorwyn-Shadowmoor, Meditation Plane, Mercadia, Mirrodin, Moag, Naya, Nether Void, Nexus of the Multiverse, Phyrexia, Pyrulea, Rabiah the Infinite, Rath, Ravnica, Segovia, Serra's Realm, Shandalar, The Abys, Ulgrotha, Vatraquaz, and Wildfire.


Nicholas Davis said...

This has me intrigued. Hope the Precons come with Walkers to go with the planes!

Anonymous said...

I'm imagining this to be like the Vanguard variation of the game.

I'm intrigued and skeptical.

Edward Lang-Whiston said...

I'm really hoping this isn't going to be just a cheap money-spinner. The idea of jumping planes is, in flavour, awesome... but in gameplay? Guess we'll see.

Edward Lang-Whiston said...

I'm really hoping this isn't a cheap money-spinner. Inter-planar battles sound awesome in flavour terms, but in gameplay?? This could be excellent or an absolutely epic failure.