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M10 Speculation 1

Wizards of the Coast appears to exploring and embracing all new and developing social networking media (such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) as a vector to better be able to reach fans where ever they may be lurking. This simply is good business to be able to move outside of their own Gleemax site and develop . I'm certain we can see further development into other areas such as Bebo, Hi5, MySpace, Orkut and the like.

Late Friday or early Saturday witnessed and interesting note posted to the 'Magic: The Gathering - Fans' group on FaceBook. This fan page had been set up by Wizards of the Coast as yet another medium outlet to provide news / events / whatever to MTG fans. They currently have quite a solid following at the moment and I'm sure even more over the next few weeks.

Righto - You were probably wondering when I was getting around to the subject of the matter - 'what was posted'. To answer, there were four card art images which the WoTC poster indicated were from the upcomming core set release of Magic 2010 ('M10'). An important thing to remember is that approximately half of the M10 cards are to be new. This of course means there will be more new card arts in M10 than we have had in the past.

Lets get to it . . .

Angel getting pwn'd. Obviously an instant / sorcery for removal or damage - possibly to flying creatures only. The art here is rather reminescent of the recent Alara Reborn card 'Bituminous Blast' but of course that would not be reprinted in the core set due to the cascade mechanic. Best guess IF it is a reprint is Expunge.

Soldiers - most likely white, possibly blue (or hey - both). This art looks less like a creature spell and more like an instant / sorcery most likely generating 1/1 soldier tokens. One guess IF it is a reprint is Staunch Defenders but I will side with a token generating spell.


Vampire Art. This creature spell art is very win. Obviously a vampire creature at a demonic pulpet or perhaps a balcony. Popular opinion suggests that IF this were a reprint, it would most likely be Sengir Vampire (or possibly Baron Sengir - based soley on the art).


Monster Lotus. Talk about big - this lotus is HUGE. This suggests to me that IF it were a reprint it may be Rampant Growth. Others think it might be Lotus Vale. A lot of speculation about this one which includes some very good ideas on mana fixing.

As always, please feel free to comment and provide your input as what cards this lovely arts may hit.


Anonymous said...

That last card must be the Golden Lotus!

I don't like the new wording.

Unknown said...

Wow Nice find with those top two.
Look a lot like the original art.