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Shards of Alara Packaging

Some very cool Shards of Alara Packaging was leaked yesterday on a German site which gave us some more art spoilers & details as to what we may expect with the new set.
From close-up looks at the two 'Intro Packs' (formerly theme decks), we can make out the feature creatures -

This Intro Pack is named 'Naya Behemoths' and features 'Spearbreaker Behemoth' - 3GG.

The second Intro Pack is named 'Primodial Jund' and features 'Flameblast Dragon' 4RR which, from other sources previously studied will be a Rare.


Also in other spoiler news, head flavour dude at WoTC, Doug Beyer, in his regular weekly article, Taste the Magic, provided a quick peak at a Shards of Alara Elf.

In the article, titled, 'The Art of Elves', revealed a yet-unknown elf from the red-GREEN-white Alara Realm of NAYA . . .
By the looks of her, most likely a Druid.

Until next time, Happy & Safe gaming.

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