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Alara Wallpapers

As promised, here is a roundup of realm information and the wallpapers which were presented on Magic Arcana this week . . .

Alara consists of five shards (“Five Worlds Share One Fate”), each shards (realms) named are named Bant, Esper, Naya, Grixis and Jund with their own tri-coloured theme.
Refer to the very kewl 'colour wheel' which Leviathan (from the forums) had developed for the set.
Bant: Green / White / Blue
Esper: White / Blue / Black
Grixis: Blue / Black / Red
Jund: Black / Red / Green
Naya: Red / Green / White

Primary: White / Secondary: Blue, Green
Theme: Enchantments. Expect many charms, auras. I should think Akrasan Squire and Battlegrace Angel share space here.

Primary: Blue / Secondary: White, Black
Theme: Artifacts. There may be coloured artifacts such Sarcomite Myr from Future Sight. Expect the likes of Mindwright Mage here.

Primary: Black / Secondary: Blue, Red
Theme: Graveyard. Expect to see the likes of Sarkhan Vol and Vein Drinker here.

Primary: Red / Secondary: Black, Green
Theme: Controlled Chaos. It is rumoured that we may expect abilities which changes to power and toughness such as Inside Out and perhaps a return of wither.

Primary: Green / Secondary: Red, White
Theme: Lands. There is certainly an Aztec feel to this Realm. From the wallpaper, there may be a return of Elves. Ajani Vengeant and Godsire are expected to be members here.
Here are some of the rumours which apply to the basic set -
There are only three colours of mana home to each Alara realm. Each colour within a realm has an affinity to eachother. This means that the traditional 'enemy colours' such as red and white will play well together during recess.
Shards of Alara will feature humans, dragons, angels, demons and vampires. We can expect creature classes suchs as warriors, soldiers, assassins and wizards.
Shards of Alara features a class structure with 'Mages' at the upper end and 'Commoners' at the lower end.
The wizards of this set have an unusual physical characteristic called Filligree. This causes their bodies/limbs to take the form of twisted curving threads. The more magic an individual possesses, the more their body is composed of filligree.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming !

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