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New Planeswalker

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

The other week, Wizards of the Coast had posted a rather interesting survey.  WotC does a rather good job in soliciting fan feedback and to that has a number of such surveys.  This particular survey was interesting in that participants were shown an image and brief story of what was purported to be an unknown Planeswalker.

The exciting part of this is that this has happened before - the previous case was the packaging survey back in December of 2016 in which we were shown yet to be released artwork for Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, as well as 'Atlazan' and 'Conquest of Power', which, as it happens turned out to be Ixalan, and Rivals of Ixalan. 

As previews had rolled out, one survey item did indeed turn out to be a real card in the upcoming set 'Dominaria'.

The most powerful time mage in the multiverse, Teferi is aging incredibly slowly. Having lived several lifetimes, and father to a daughter who is now older than him, Teferi was forced to save his entire homeland from an invasion by phasing it out of time. Unable to restore it, he is haunted by this act to the present day but deals with his pain through humor. Able to slow down time and manipulate its passage, he is formidable addition to any group.

Here is the very cool mysterious 'Elf' Planeswalker which there has been already quite a lot of conjecture.

Vivien hails from a tribe of forest dwellers whose homeland was already threatened by encroaching civilization. When her plane itself was destroyed, Vivien managed to escape with the Arkbow, a piece of advanced magical technology capable of "storing" the essence of any creatures Vivien encounters. After seeing the impact of civilization on her home, Vivien now travels the planes, seeking out the essences of new creatures on her mission to ultimately restore balance to the Multiverse.

There is little doubt to us that we will see Vivien as a card very soon, but likely not a Llanowar Planeswalker in Dominaria.  Here are the other Planeswalkers, all of them known to us to some degree which was part of the survey -

Ashiok's origins - and gender - are unknown. It is even possible there are multiple, identical Ashioks. The one consistent fact is that Ashiok can use powerful nightmare magic to invade people's minds and bring their darkest fears to life. What Ashiok's goals or plans are, anyone can guess, but those who become a part of them quickly learn kindness is never an aspect. 

A member of the elusive and mysterious moonfolk exclusively found on her home plane, Tamiyo is a scholar and explorer. With a voracious appetite to discover and understand the unknown, Tamiyo travels and documents everything she sees and fines. A master of "story magic," once Tamiyo has recorded an event in her journals, she is capable of rewriting them such that they change the past itself, and, thus the present.

After losing his legs in an experiment of his own making, the goblin Daretti's magical abilities manifested as both a genius engineer and remarkable manipulator of people. Capable of inventing machines more sophisticated than anything otherwise known, he uses his abilities in an ongoing attempt to wrest control of his own plane from humans and install himself, and his kind, in their place.


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