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Dominaria Story 4

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

There is literally a TON of new Dominaria previews out again today and it certainly appears that there is something that every Magic: the Gathering would enjoy gaming with.  For this post however, we do want to touch upon the very great work that Martha Wells has been doing in returning the story to Dominaria.

In today's posted story, Episode 4 does address a number of questions we had since first learning about the angel Tiana, and then seeing the character spotlight on Arvad.  First and foremost, the one question we had is how on earth (or quite specifically Dominaria), does and Angel and a Vampire exist together within the same space without attempting to put an end to each other ?  

Another question we did have brewing since the last story is more along the explanation as to how an angel like Tiana fall into the Weatherlight crew, instead of being called into being to serve some more higher cause.  Martha does an excellent job at explaining all of these questions - the link is right here.

Here is today's story blurb -
As the Weatherlight comes under attack, its newest crew members bond over their unique, yet not dissimilar, origins.


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