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Ixalan Standard Merfolk

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Wednesday ! Always a treat when Wizards of the Coast publish the next Magic Story for a new set.  To say we are giddy about the next Magic: the Gathering set Ixalan is a serious understatement.  The stories certainly fuel our excitement for the set.  Please do slide on over to today's story titled 'The Talented Captain Vraska' by the R&D Narrative Team linked right over here.  

The Blurb -
Vraska has never been happier. Finally able to be the leader she always knew she could be, she captains The Belligerent with the skill of the greatest of commanders. She had kept Jace Beleren alive initially to utilize his talents, but soon discovers that they make quite the team.

We definitely enjoy the story so far featuring amnesiac Jace, and finally learn what Vraska is doing the Plane of Ixalan.  Also of great (flavour) importance to us - as Vraska's home Plane of Ravnica has no large sea worthy of a proper ship, just how did Vraska pick up those sailing skills ?  Apparently if you are an Elder Dragon, you can transfer knowledge 'Matrix Style' - very cool !

Anywhoos - out today on the mothersite are the Ixalan Planeswalker Deck Lists.  These are great to quickly get into the game and be able to upgrade.  For more details, pop on over here.  Get these sleeved and boxed up with some Ixalan deck protectors / deck boxes from Ultra PRO, and you are ready to rock a Friday Night Magic event at your local gaming store.

Anywhoos - 
Here is something that we are working on now for the new standard season for Ixalan - Merfolk Go Tall, this will certainly need some more work and evaluation.
• Post-Ixalan Standard Constructed Merfolk. Go tall with +1/1 counters with Metallic Mimic, Vineshaper Mystic and Implement of Ferocity.

• Cash in with on those +1/+1 counters with Herald of Secret Streams and Armorcraft Judge.

Land (21)
4x Aether Hub
4x Botanical Sanctum
5x Forest
4x Island
4x Unclaimed Territory

Creature (29)
3x Armorcraft Judge
4x Herald of Secret Streams
3x Jade Guardian
3x Kopala, Warden of Waves
4x Kumena's Speaker
4x Metallic Mimic
4x Shaper's Apprentice
4x Vineshaper Mystic

Instant (7)
3x Blossoming Defense
4x Perilous Voyage

Artifact (4)
4x Implement of Ferocity

Sideboard (15)
3x Dive Down
3x Essence Scatter
3x Heroic Intervention
3x Spell Pierce

3x Unsummon


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