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Ixalan Previews 9-05

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

It is the start of the academic year for some and also the official kick-off of Magic: the Gathering previews for Ixalan.  We already have had a number of previews from Wizards of the Coast already due to the alledged theft of that full sheet of rare Ixalan foils, so the schedule is very unfortunately mucked up a bit.

This certainly does not detract from our excitement however as the real treasure for us is when Wizards of the Coast introduces a new set is all about the storyline.  Over the Labour Day Weekend, WotC Marisa Fulmer, Cynthia Sheppard, Jeremy Jarvis and James Wyatt hosted the Ixalan world-building panel at PAX West.  This always seems to be the highlight of 'preview season' for us and this always amazes us just what an amazing job the creative team does in constructing the canvass and colour palette for all the new cards.

Today's previews include some great cards and equally great illustrations from some very talented artists.  Be sure to check out Nicholas Wolfram's article on the Daily Article page which provides an indepth look at the card Conqueror's Galleon // Conqueror's Foothold, and the prompt provided by the Magic: the Gathering art team to artist Emrah Elmasli.  

In our opinion, Double-Faced cards provide the best vehicle in telling a set's story.  In this case, the story of the vampire nation's Legion of Dusk invasion of the continent of Ixalan.

Here is a round-up of today's Ixalan's spoilers and previews - 

Conqueror's Galleon // Conqueror's Foothold

Deadeye Foreman

Drover of the Mighty

Kitesail Freebooter

Lightning Strike

Overflowing Insight

Pirate's Cutlass

Primal Amulet // Primal Wellspring

Sanctum Seeker

Shapers of Nature

Siren Stormtamer

Thaumatic Compass // Spires of Orazca

Wakening Sun's Avatar

Wanted Scoundrels

~ Wildgrowth Walker - (rough translation), 1G, Creature - Elemental, Whenever a creature you control explores, put a +1/+1 counter on '~Wildgrowth Walker' and you gain 3 life. 1/3


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