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Valentine's Day on Amonkhet

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

A happy Valentine's Day as well to you.  For those of you not trapped under the accumulation of a massive winter's storm snow dumping, hopefully you can get out and spend some time with one or more other humans you may appreciate.  Wizards of the Coast had fired off this very appropriate short poem today, featuring a themed illustration of everyone's favourite mischievous Kaladesh critter, the Gremlin -

Speaking of Valentine's Day and Magic: the Gathering, we were wondering this morning (random shower thoughts) on whether a simliar day is observed on Amonkhet.  This, the very next MTG set, may be a Plane of existence created by Nicol Bolas and perhaps peopled by Lich Lords.  Having their life force downloaded into a phylactery, we're thinking that although their mortality is greatly extended, their capacity to love another zombie or lich is greatly diminished.  Kinda sad.  Anywhoos, end of shower thoughts, please disregard.

Righto, we'll wrap up today's post with some other randomness -

One thing we do love and are quite willing to send a flurry of Valentine's Day cards off to Wizards of the Coast, is the chance to get our paws on promotional Amonkhet full art lands.

Sign up for this event in Wizards Event Reporter and receive twenty Welcome Decks, plus twenty-five premium full-art basic lands (five of each) from Amonkhet to use as rewards for both new players and veteran players who bring a friend.

The below image accurately depicts how we fell about this news - 
Yeah - pretty awesome.

Lastly, we want to return to those booster pack mock-up images from this post to MTG Realm on Tumblr which was posted back in December.  The exercise here is to determine the probability of successfully exchanging Valentine's Day cards with each of these creatures.

Humanoid in a cat mask with what appears to be a bow - YES - could be similar to the cupid's arrow thingy.

Humanoid with a drum and edged weapon - YES - playing a tune on the goblet drum while cutting fresh flowers for Valentines.

Nicol Bolas - perhaps NO - does not strike a very romantic figure in the least.

Zombie dude - NO - being undead does imply the creature is without a beating heart, and although the critter may want to nom your brains, it will not show a genuine appreciation for this delicious gift.

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