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The gods of Amonkhet

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

This past weekend in New York City, the annual American International Toy Fair took place at the Jacob Javits Convention Centre.  Hasbro showcased a number of new products including a peak of upcoming Magic: the Gathering products, which was summamrised yesterday by WotC Blake over here.

We have product packaging images for the Amonket set including Booster Packs, Bundles, Planeswalker Decks, Deck Builder’s Toolkit, as well as PreRelease Packs.  The news here is that we now know that the Planeswalker Decks of Amonkhet are to feature versions of Gideon and Liliana.

The other big news is Amonkhet full-art basic lands.  There are opportunities to collect these either as part of in-store promotions or through booster packs.  WotC indicates a distribution of approximately one out of every four boosters will produce a full-art land.

In Blake's Amonkhet reveal article, we are treated to images of Gideon, Liliana, and Nissa.  These illustrations are readily identifiable as members of our Gatewatch Planeswalker crew.  What is new here is the next five pieces of art, which is in all liklihood, our five gods of Amonkhet.  Each of these five illustrations are therianthropic, in that we have an animal head on a humanoid body, which was a rather traditional form for dieties to take back in the day.

We can speculate and extrapolate Amonkhet god with possible ancient Egyptian diety equivalent :

WHITE - Cat - Bastet
BLUE - Crane - Thoth
BLACK - Crocodile - Anubis
RED - Jackal - Sobek
GREEN - Snake - Apep

From images posted by ToyArk (linked here), the new series highlights the Five Trials of the Gods, which most will associate with one of the colours of Magic (WUBRG) :
• Trial of Solidarity
• Trial of Knowledge
• Trial of Strength
• Trial of Ambition
• Trial of Zeal

Amonkhet - save the date !
Pre-release: April 22-23, 2017
Draft Weekend: April 29-30, 2017
Magic League: May 1-28, 2017

Game Day: May 20-21, 2017


eaglebach said...

Sobek is the Egyptian crocodile God while Anubis, the jackal

anubismoon33 said...

Thank you that's driving me nuts.

Seyfert said...

Wadjet would be a better fit of green than Apep