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Plane Shift: Kaladesh

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Today's post to MTG Realm is not quite focused on Magic: the Gathering but certainly does touch upon it.  If you enjoy playing games other than MTG (yes, these do exist), and do enjoy the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), then you would likely be very pleased to hear that James Wyatt at Wizards of the Coast has the very next installment of Plane Shift, a Magic: The Gathering theme for which to supplement your D&D campaign.

Previous Plane Shift installments may be found at these links :

Plane Shift Zendikar - A tumultuous plane of wild mana, unstable weather, and floating terrain.

Plane Shift Innistrad - A world where humanity is terrorized by vampires, werewolves, zombies, and ghouls.

Today's publication, Plane Shift: Kaladesh, provides very good content on;
• The World of Kaladesh
• Races of Kaladesh
• A Kaladesh Bestiary
The world of Kaladesh promises to provide background for a campaign full of opportunity.  Whether your group of adventurers become entangled in the civil strife (Rebels and Consulate), or being chased by aether-hungry gremlins (should not have picked that pack up), this supplement provides a wonderful palette to paint a unique and enjoyable adventure. 

If you are not a D&D gamer, but perhaps does enjoy learning the background / storyline of Magic: the Gathering (Vorthos!) Planes of Existence, we would still encourage you to read this very excellent presentation of the environment of these Planes.

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