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Kaladesh Game Day Decision

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Here in Canada-Land, many Magic: the Gathering players living in the heart of the vast and empty hinterland have now, after four weeks of hunting down cards from the new Kaladesh set have finally, after much effort, a 60-card standard format deck.  

The challenge for most is not just finding the safest way past predatory polar bears to the nearest card shop (sometimes a few days' ride away on a moose), but the scarcity of those cards you may be looking for if and when you do finally limp into the village card shop.  Add in the rapidly changing metagame as the first few weeks of the standard evolves, then you may be looking at a strategy, which may have been slick a moon ago, but now is glum and sucking a thumb in the rear saddle.

So what to play on Kaladesh Game Day ?

You could look at what the Pro players were battling with this last weekend 'Pro Tour Kaladesh' - You can have a looky-loo at the top 24 decklists over here and below is the winning list played by Shota Yaskooka.  One thingy to note - the early red & white ('Canadian') vehicle lists featuring Smuggler's Copter are still there, but have made a lot of room for a variety of control lists pushing into the top slots.

'Safron Olive' over at MTG Goldfish (one of our fav sites) had done an exceptional job updating the world with the tournament last weekend.

For Kaladesh Game Day, you could also consider using a list similar to those which did well at the seven or so StarCity Game Regional Tournaments.  This may be somewhat more realistic as to what to expect at your local gaming store.
We think the most important thing you consider when bringing your 60-card stack of awesomeness to Kaladesh Game Day this weekend is something that you made, no matter how awkward it may be, as long as it delivers a healthy wallop of fun.

Before we sign off, be sure to visit Channel Fireball's 'This Week in Magic' series of interesting MTG content collected and indexed by the very awesome Andrew Cooperfauss.

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