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Commander 2016 Previews 10-24

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

The day that we, and most other Magic: the Gathering Commander fans have been waiting for has finally arrived ! The start of previews for this year's Commander set.  Please pop on over to the mothersite (linky here) for four different articles today on Commander 2016.

Releasing in just 18 days from today (on November 11, 2016), gamers will have access to, for the very first time ever, four-coloured preconstructed theme decks.  For the first time, Commander 2016 introduces 5 new four-colored preconstructed theme decks that take casual Magic to the next level. There are 56 new cards legal in Vintage and Legacy. Each of the five preconstructed decks will include the following -
• A 100-card Commander deck
• 4 Foil Legendary Commander cards
• One oversized Foil Commander card for each deck
• 10 double-sided tokens
• Deck storage box
• Strategy insert and rules reference card
• 15 new Magic cards (56 for the set in total)


• Two creatures with partner can serve as a deck's commander only if both have partner. 
• The two commanders are treated individually for all other Commander rules. 
• Combat damage dealt by each commander 'partner' is tracked individually.
• Any card refering to your commander (or commanders), it means either one of the two partners.

• Spell reduction cost of 1 (colourless only) less to cast for each opponent.


• Allows a player to pay a cost that includes discarding the card. 

• When the activated ability resolves, that player draws a card.

• Each domain ability has a different effect.
• Ability counts the number of basic land types among lands you control.
• Appearing as an instant, sorcery, or activated ability which checks the number of basic land types you control.

The following themes are presented with each of the four coloured preconstructed decklists - 

• Invent Superiority (WUBR) - Artifice
This deck utilizes a variety of "artifacts matter" cards from all four of its colors, along with a selection of colored and colorless artifacts. This is for players who want to build an intricate machine and use it to gain advantage over time.

• Entropic Uprising (UBRG) - Chaos
This deck embraces variance, playing cards sight-unseen from the top of the deck, flipping coins, and otherwise injecting additional randomness into the game. This deck is for players who prefer to "just see what happens" than to carefully plan each move.

• Open Hostility (BRGW) - Aggression
The aggro deck is unconcerned with politics; it simply wants to kill everyone at the table as quickly as possible. This deck is ideal for players who hate to durdle and prefer a play style more akin to Limited than the usual Commander fare.

• Stalwart Unity (RGWU) - Altruism
The pilot of this deck wants everyone at the table to have a good time and is eager to see what everyone's deck can do. That's why it's going to help everyone out with mana, cards, and some tokens here and there. Of course, some people are suspicious of gifts, so this deck must contain a few things to make attacking its pilot difficult.

• Breed Lethality (GWUB) - Growth
This deck features a heavy counters (especially +1/+1 counters) theme. Any of its creatures has the potential to grow into a huge threat, given enough time. This deck is for every player who is thrilled at the idea of a 64/64 Hydra.

Here is the list of new (and returning) cards previewed today -

• Atraxa, Praetors' Voice
• Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder
• Grave Upheaval
• Kraum, Ludevic's Opus
• Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix
• Primeval Protector
• Prismatic Geoscope
• Sidar Kondo of Jamurra
• Silas Renn, Seeker Adept
• Sublime Exhalation
• Sylvan Reclamation
• Vial Smasher the Fierce

Confirmed reprints
• Command Tower
• Commander's Sphere


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