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Wednesday MTG Miscellany

Happy Hump-Day MTG peeps,

We suggest that if you, like us, are a fan of Magic: the Gathering story and love the world of Kaladesh, make digital tracks on over to the mothersite today.  Posted today is the continuation of the Kaladesh storyline 'Release', written by Chris L'Etoile, the Wizards of the Coast Narrative Design Coordinator.  We won't give very much away, but Chandra, Nissa, and Mrs. Pashiri were in a sticky situation when last we left off and things were looking decidedly grim.  To the rescue - our fav Planeswalking Kitteh.  Great story today!

Next up - Our new Scooter-Looter Overlords.
Pop over to the 'Tube and watch the Red-White Vehicles Standard Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering—Kaladesh with Wedge of the Mana Source over at this linky.  We really love this build and were contemplating this being our first 60-card stack of the new standard format season, but with Smuggler's Copter going for around $25 locally (Ontario, Canada), we will decline.  

Instead, we've decided to buy necessities (like food), and update the Tier 2 U/W Spirits list we have.  We've got a ton of options in blue and white and feel that this is more than sufficient to get decent results at our regular Friday Night Magic events.  We already have the core of Rattlechains, Spell Queller, Selfless Spirit and friends.

The choices are a bit overwhelming, but we will eventually hatch a list out - 
All our new cards to be sorted

Some core options to consider

Some choices are easy, some not so much

Just how much control do we need?

We are emotionally attached to some mediocre cards while others are automatic shoe-ins.


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