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Post OGW Standard

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Now that the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Oath of the Gatewatch, is joining standard constructed format, what are players gaming with?  During Friday Night Magic at OMG! Games on the weekend, it was pretty much what participants had built before the release.  

Certainly, there were some new cards on the tables like Reckless Bushwacker with lists featuring Monastery Mentor, but on the whole, the local community is still finalising their lists or taking a 'wait and see' approach for the new metagame.

For those waiting to see what develops, the first major event after the release was the StarCity Games Open Atlanta event this last weekend.  If interested, we suggest to pop on over to see Nick Vigabool's post to Gathering Magic over here to get the Standard Snapshot : First look at oath of the Gatewatch.  In it, we can see a rather healthy and developing standard format with 17 different archetypes across 32 decklists.  Pop on over for a summary of the SCG Atlanta Day 2 metagame breakdown on StarCity Games

For now, here are the Top 8 finishers -

1st Korey McDuffie Atarka Red
2nd Chris Brickey Mono-Green Eldrazi
3rd Gerry Thompson Jeskai Black
4th Andy Ferguson Abzan Company
5th Marcel Strautz R/B Dragons
6th Dalton Ozmun U/R Prowess
7th Joe Lossett Five-Color Bring to Light
8th Willie Porges Abzan Blue

Here at MTG Realm, we are most definitely fond of rogue decks going against the grain of the metagame and trying out a number of the more exciting new cards to explore their potential. To this end, we want to express our admiration to Christopher Brickey who ran a Mono Green Eldrazi build which had this absolutely wonderful gameplay with 3 copies of Bane of Bala Ged on the field against Korey McDuffie's Atarka Red list.


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