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MTG Tumblr Thursday

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers this weekend.  For today's post, we'll regurgitate and gourmandise previously posted Magic: the Gathering content from our sister site, MTG Realm on Tumblr.

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Happy Thanksgiving !
Wishing all our American cousins to the south a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving weekend.
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Magic: the Gathering - Just Murasa Things
Some flavour from the mothersite for Murasa, the ‘Walled Continent’

The island continent of Murasa is a vast, steep-walled plateau that rises sharply from the sea. Although smaller than other continents of Zendikar, Murasa conceals an incredible diversity of environments hidden behind its sheer, stony cliffs. Inland from these cliffs, the land drops off sharply, wreathing Murasa in an irregular “wall” of mountainous cliffs. The largest break in this wall is the Sunder Cove, an enormous, tide-wracked bay clotted by the massively trunked harabaz trees.

The interior of Murasa is a rugged landscape of steep, windy hills and precipitous jungle valleys. The most notable exceptions to the interior elevation are the Skyfang Mountains, the Na Plateau, and the canyon lands of Kazandu.

Murasa Ranger, illustrated by Eric Deschamps
Murasa Plane — Zendikar, illustrated by Jung Park
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Magic: the Gathering - February 2016 FNM Promo
The February FNM Promo was revealed over on the mothersite today.

FNM Promo, illustrated by Anna Steinbauer shows Jace attempting mind magic on an Eldrazi on the Plane of Zendikar with this great quote “The Mind of an Eldrazi is a puzzle that can never be solved. The trick is to make sure a piece goes missing.”

Previous printing as a Magic Origins Ucommon, illustrated by Yan LI.  This card art shows Jace’s early story on Vryn confronting the Sphinx who tutored Jace with this flavour text - “Alhammarret rose to his feet, and the full force of his mind hit Jace like a storm front.”
Photo November 24, 2015

Gaming Store - Black Friday Deals
At OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Black Friday Weekend - Friday & Saturday November 27 / 28

• Board Games, Warmachine, Sleeves and Acces - 20% off

• D&D Attack Wing - 50% off

• Dice masters - 50% off, boosers 50cents ($40 full box)

• Purchase a D&D Players handbook, receive 50% off any other RPG book or Miniature

• Force of Will - Buy an Outbreak Seven Kings starter and a Vingolf knight- Receive a second Vingolf free.

• Spend $100 receive a free OMG T-Shirts while supplies last.

• Flash Specials Friday Night and Saturday - watch for Tweets

• As well as hourly cards for cash deals during FNM and Saturdays Legacy.
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Magic: the Gathering - Magic in the Bedroom

That is a lot of blister packs there.  From September Roman (@justseptember), a photographer living in Asia.


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