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Commander 2015 Previews 11-06

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, we suggest you leave your bunker and re-connect with humanity with a game of Magic: the Gathering at a Friday Night Magic event near you.  Pop on over to the mothersite's handy LGS locator.  If you find yourself in Central Ontario this evening, we'll be at OMG Games here in Barrie, and very likely with our trade binder as we are still very much short of the mana-base we need to power our latest weapon (the wish list here).

Anywhoos, today marked the very last day for official Commander 2015 previews.  The last four unknown cards were revealed since yesterday's MTG Realm post and all 56 new cards have now been accounted for.

WotC has now posted the full and completed Commander 2015 decklists, and they are looking pretty damn fine.  We hope to provided a post for each of these Commander decks next week after we have a chance to take a closer look.  For now, here are the new cards previewed today -

Caller of the Pack - 5GG for a solid 8/6 beast with trample and the new 'myriad' mechanic.

Shielded by Faith - Enchant creature aura for 1WW providing indestructibility and the ability to move the aura onto ANY creature entering the battlefield.

Oreskos Explorer - A 2/2 Cat Scout for 1W with a similar effect to that of Knight of the White Orchard but adapted to this multiplayer format.

Wretched Confluence - The last modal instant.  For 3BB your choice (3x) of a sign in blood - like effect,  a disfigure effect, and / or recycle a creature from your yard to hand.

Thief of Blood - A flying 1/1 Vampire for 4BB - but wait ! - she will steal ALL COUNTERS from all PERMANENTS (not just the +1/+1 type) just like my Ex and ETB with that many.

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