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Commander Previews 11-03

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Another Christmas-like day for Magic: the Gathering fans today as the mothersite and various other sites more than a dozen Commander 2015 spoilers / previews.  We should get to these immediately !

Bastion Protector - Damn fine support for your commander with this 2W cost 3/3 Human Soldier which delivers a +2/+2 and indestructible to your general.

Verdant Confluence - 4GG 3x3 modal sorcery giving you a choice of a counter party, recursion or basic land search with etb tapped.

Command Beacon - Commander Land! Colourless tap or a sac to slide your commander into play - beautiful!

Dream Pillager - Japanese preview from Hareruya MTG.  5RR for a 4/4 flying dragon with an exile & play bonus whenever the Pillager deals damage.

Dread Summons - X-coste black sorcery. XBB mills everyone for X but only you get a 2/2 Zombie dude for every creature milled.

Seal of the Guildpact - Mean-whilst back on Ravnica, this 5 cost artifact provides a spell discount WalMart would be envious of.

Deadly Tempest - 4BB sorcery nerfs all creatures and shaves everyone's life total equal to each critter that person controlled.  Nice - please don't use this in your token build.

Awaken the Sky Tyrant - 3R Enchantment that will birth a 5/5 dragon if your opponent pokes you.

Dawnbreak Reclaimer - Sweet-arse Angel art.  4WW Angel with a 5/5 body.  She flies and recycles dead creatures eot - the drawback is that she is so nice, she also does this for your opponent.

Ezuri's Predation - Triple Green sorcery.  For 5GGG this will puke a potentially large number of 4/4 beast tokens with fight.

Vine Centaur - Spanish preview from Rey Wombat. 3G gets you a 1/1 Plant Centaur (we blame the Simic for this).  Dude has trample and gets counters equal to dead lands.  This also crawls out of the graveyard with a GG activation whenever another land of yours bites the dust.

Sandstone Oracle - Artifact Sphinx costs 7 and gives you a flying 4/4 with a cool etb effect of card draw to level up to the number in your choice opponent's hand.

Brood Viper - Italian preview.  A Myriad Snake.  4U nets you a 3/3 with myriad and conditional card draw when the snake's punch lands.

Ezuri, Claw of Progress  - This Legendary Elf Warrior is just plain scary looking.  For 2GU you get a 3/3 you get some really decent abilities - conditional experience counters and a pre-combat bonus of +1/+1 counters on a critter equal to your experience.


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Tidomonkey said...

Command Beacon puts your commander in your hand from the command zone, not into play. It's particularly useful for something like Phage the Untouchable.