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The Orzhov Chiefs

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

If you've been reading MTG Realm for any length of time, you will likely know that we kinda have a thingy for white weenie strategies in our Magc: the Gathering games.  When Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale were previewed we were certainly stoked and soon after had roughed out a decklist which resembled something along the following lines . . .

4x Bloodsoaked Champion
4x Mardu Hateblade
4x Chief of the Edge
3x Chief of the Scale
4x Cavalry Pegasus
3x Mardu Hordechief

4x God's Willing
4x Feat of Resistance
3x Raiders' Spoils
4x Rush of Battle
3x Timely Hordemate

Shortly after all the Khans of Tarkir cards were previewed we were very happy to see that WotC had developed the 'Conquering Hordes' Khans of Tarkir Event Deck which sort of validated our belief that an Orzhov build relying on a warrior sub-type might just be viable enough in standard constructed.  

Unfortunately we had only played a single Friday Night Magic event with our Orzhov Warrior list before becoming hopelessly infatuated with an Abzan Midrange decklist and a Mardu Midrange decklist (after our MTG Mint Card pre-orders had come in) which we essentially played ever since.  Today, we wanted to revist our earlier list and re-evaluate it.

One Drops
Bloodsoaked is still great with its ability to drag it back from the graveyard.  Mardu Hateblade is still fine with us - an early drop with activated deathtouch certainly makes opponents hesitate to swing in.  God's willing is good protection - dang we're still sore that Brave the Elements has rotated out of standard.

Two Drops
We still are satisfied that by playing only two colors, we have decent odds to reliably cast the multicolour Chief of the Edge and Chief of the Scale on the second turn, so we won't change that at all.  The four 'Feats' may be a bit over the top and we could likely do better with either removal or disruptions such as Mardu Skullhunter instead.  Our personal 'signature' card is Cav Peg - we'll always play this in a build that features mostly humans. 

Three Drops
Just occupied by Mardu Hordechief - yet another Chief.  The 'Raid' tech is solid and you'll almost always get the token out of it which makes the stats here acceptable (three mana for a total of three power and four toughness).

Four Drops
Raiders Spoils is OK but we're now not entirely sold sure there is an unconditional pump of +1/+0 with a conditional card draw, but we may be better served.  Timely Hordemate is another solid 'Raid' card getting one of you 2CMC dudes back from the yard to the battlefield.  One of our fav cards in the build is Rush of Battle which, in a warrior build, provides a lovely +2/+1 blanket pump with lifelink.

Some improvements we are considering at the moment are :
• Athreos, God of Passage - This is a very viable option to drain your opponent's life or alternatively keep your hand full of options.
• Mogis's Marauder - This may be the closest thing we have to our beloved Brave the Elements.
• Sorin, Solemn Vistor - decent 'Walker in our colours.

• Permanent Pump - such as Spear of Heliod, Hall of Heroes, or Obelisk of Urd.


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