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MTG Wallpaper Wednesday

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Like many US States around the Great Lakes, our little corner of suburban bliss in Central Ontario got one heck of a wallop of snow.  Should you not have any windows in your domicile, you would still know the snow had come as would hear the endless rev of snowmobiles down the street out front of our place.  Today's a good day to stay indoors, keep warm and organise our Magic: the Gathering collection. For tomorrow's we want to showcase a weird G/W 'Hardened Heroes' build we started to develop with some of our recent MTG Mint Card purchases but for today, we want to make sure everyone is caught up with the latest MTG Wallpapers that have been posted over on the mothersite - click on over there to grab these lovely illustrations / arts all available in the perfect size / resolution for your desktop, mobile device or social media page.

Mardu, (Khans of Tarkir), 11/19/14, By Jason Chan
Wooded Foothills, (Khans of Tarkir), 11/12/14By Jonas De Ro

 Jeskai Ascendancy, (Khans of Tarkir), 11/05/14, By Dan Scott

 Polluted Delta, (Khans of Tarkir), 10/27/14, By Vincent Proce

 Lens of Clarity, (Khans of Tarkir), 10/22/14, By Raymond Swanland

 Duneblast, Khans of Tarkir), 10/15/14, By Ryan Alexander Lee

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