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Fate Reforged ReDux

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

We are wanting to revisit the PAX Australia MTG Panel previews 'n' reveals from the previous weekend which we had posted about here - more specifically, the Fate Reforged previews WotC Aaron had presented.  As WotC has just posted a video of the presentation on Friday, this nows means we now have better images from the Magic: the Gathering Panel.

The new black board sweeper, 'Crux of Fate' has a few interesting things going on - first and foremost is the spell's option to destroy dragon creatures or non-dragon creatures.  This of course begs the question, just how many dragons are we likely to see?  The art features Ugin (the Ghost Dragon) taking quite a walloping from Nicol Bolas with Sarkhan Vol in the foreground tucked away to the illustrations bottom right.  The flavour text is crafted perfectly to show a clouded timeline from when Sarkhan (and Sorin) arrive a thousand years to late to Ugin's summons as shown in the Tomb of the Spirit Dragon to the epic battle in Fate Reforged.  We speculate that when Sarkhan travels back in to time to the moment of Ugin's passing, the ghost dragon's spirit then enters Sarkhan.  Who knows, but we will discover more when the mother site posts a special Uncharted Realm's article on the 10th of December.

Speakin of Ugin, during the Fate Reforged pre-release, you will be able to pick your Tarkir Clan but can also get a special "Ugin's Fate" booster pack which will contain a token, a land card and a selection from a pool of 40 holo foil stamped cards with alternate arts demonstrating how the Plane of Tarkir has changed.  The PAX Australia panel gave us three cards illustrating this -

• Smith the Monstrous (exchanging a mastodon for a dragon),
• Ghostfire Blade (showing that everyone was left-handed a 1000 years ago), and
• Briber's Purse (showing a pay-off to a tyrannical dragon.

Also of note from the MTG panel - there was an indication that there will be no 3-colour gold cards in the Fate Reforged set which of course was popular in the previous Khans of Tarkir set to show a card's particular dedication to one of the five Clans.  As the Clans were not at continual open war back then during the time of the dragons, Wizards has expressed Clan membership with hybrid mana as shown here in Temur's Clan leader Yasova Dragonclaw.

We are definitely pumped for the next sets 'Fate Reforged' and 'Dragons of Tarkir' and are absolutely pleased with the storyline so far.  As the new cards begin to be previewed, we'll start compiling two lists for orders / pre-orders from MTG Mint Card - a list of singles from Khans of Tarkir which may become better and of course a list of new cardboard hotness we just cannot exist without from Fate Reforged.


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