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KTK Deck Ideas

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We are rather happy to now just receive our Khans of Tarkir pre-orders from MTG Mint Card - delivered safely 'n' soundly in under from over 12,500 clicks away to our door step in under four days.  We had carefully ordered a variety of the new Magic: the Gathering cards based on a variety of different reasons - but essentially what we thought would perform nicely in the new standard environment.  Now with this big pile of new cards, all efforts now go in to what decklists to brew up for standard constructed.  We don't really need to worry as a Pro Player has pretty much done all of that for us already - don't worry, we still have 'original' ideas and refer to the new strategies as a sort of sanity check.  

That Pro Player ? Tomoharu Saito.  This 30-year-old is a successful player with a long list of accolades and also happens to be the owner of Saito Card Shop (online retailer) and Hareruya MTG, Japan’s largest gaming store / tournament center, located in the suburb of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.  Tomoharu has been posting 'deck ideas' with the release of each new set and we've been loving it.  

Here's the full list of 15 different standard decks he posted to his twitter account and we're certain you'll like at the very least a few of them to try out and build upon.  We've just posted three pics and suggest you drop by Saito's twitter to get images of the rest of 'em. Click to embiggen.

Deck 1 ”All in Mardu”
Deck 2 ”Morph Festival”
Deck 3 ”Mardu Control”
Deck 4 ”Abzan Midrange”
Deck 5 ”Jeskai Burn”
Deck 6 ”Mono Black Beatdown”
Deck 7 ”Hardboild Sultai”
Deck 8 ”Temur Midrange”
Deck 9 ”Orzhov Warrior”
Deck 10 ”Naya Planeswalkers”
Deck  11 ”Mono Red Beatdown”
Deck 12 ”Mono Red Beatdown Part2"
Deck 13 ”Esper Control”
Deck 14 ”KTK All Stars”
Deck 15 ”The Darksteel Citadel”
'All in Mardu'

'Abzan Midrange'

'Jeskai Burn'


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